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Shan Hongyin,M.D

Shan HongyinBrief Introduction

At present,Shan Hongyin M.D is the leader of expert group and research group in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital. Besides,he is also the deputy director of Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Institute.

Primary Specialties

He is the famous expert on Cardiovascular Disease and Kidney Disease in China. He has engaged in Cardiovascular Disease and Kidney Disease for more than 40 years,which Involves in clinical, teaching, research and other fields.

In clinic,he is skilled in stenocardia,myocardial infarction,high blood pressure,heart failure and arrhythmia etc. He also have high attainments on diabetes and cerebral apoplexy.

Achievements & Honors

As the backbone of the business,the Tachyarrhythmia made by him had got the Outstanding Achievement Award of Audio-Visual Materials. Besides,it is listed as teaching and generalized nationally. And his another study won Second Prize of Health Department of Scientific and Technological Achievements.

As editorial board member,author and subeditor,he published the diagnosis and treatment of Kidney Disease with Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine,cardiovascular diseases and exploring on Kidney Disease and so on works.

In International Journals,international congress,he has published several papers.

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