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Half of A Month Will Give A New Hope To Paitents with Kidney Disease

Half of A Month Will Give A New Hope To Paitents with Kidney DiseaseThere is a very successful patient’s case which have ESRD and accepted treatment from Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital for half of a month and improved very well. This patient is a 45 years old male, from UAE. He is also a dialysis patient. Due to without effective treatment in local place, he had no any improvement. So, he came to our hospital accompanied by his brother.

When he arrived at hospital, the doctors gave him the first examination, his serum creatinine was 1250, BUN 18.9, also has middle anemia(hemoglobine 95 g/L), also some very important values that he never known in his country, that is, beta 2MG, CysC, HCY, RBP etc. These values are special vaules to judge kidney damage detailed condition, more significant than creatinine, urea. Usually can not be known in common hospitals. These can only be tested in our hospital with our special Immune examination. In the first examination, his these levels are (beta 2MG: 36.06, CysC 7.55, HCY15.54, RBP: 127).

Then after 13 days' our treatment, doctors gave him the second examination, his serum creatinine reduced to 817, BUN 9.3, beta 2MG reduced to 25.54, CysC reduced to 6.7, HCY reduced to 12.41, RBP reduced to 129. All these values are checked before dialysis. The result can be saw by comparing. His hemoglobin improved to 117, means anemia be improved a lot.

There is always giving a hope to patients with kidney diseases, the experts try their best to make patients have a better life than before without any complications and side effects. Patients who are really serious in kidney diseases still have a chance to have a recover in some degree.

The hospital is always ready for the patients who have kidney problems.

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