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Not Only Dialysis Can Treat for FSGS

Not Only Dialysis Can Treat for FSGSFSGS is really easy to come back after treatment, that is due to the nature of this kind of disease. There is a patient who has been suffered for it for a long time and have a good treatment now.

His name is LIM THAW CHAY, male, 63 years old. He was suffered the intermittent lower extremity edema for 8 years, fatigue for 1 year. Due to that the local hospital can not treat his condition well that he decided to came to our hospital to have a more effective treatment.

The test report when he came to our hospital showed that his serum creatinine level 262umol/L, Uric acid 554umol/L, BUN 10.6mmol/L. The diagnosis include: chronic glomerulonephritis, FSGS, chronic kidney failure( decompensated), renal hypertension, renal cyst and other complications.

In common situation, patients with this kind of condition will choose dialysis to alleviate symptoms on bodies. While our hospital are devoted to help patients to reduce dialysis or avoid dialysis in some degree, that is due to that dialysis will damage the kidneys serious.

Experts in our hospital choose Characteristic Chinese medicine treatment for him to promote blood circulation and blood stasis. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Foot Bath Therapy are effectively treating for FSGS and prevent it happen again in huge degree.

His condition is very good now after a period of treatment by Chinese medicine treatments.

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viber/whatsapp: +86 18633865632

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