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Real Kidney Disease Patient Story

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  • Cycle Therapy

    1. Definition Cycle therapy refers to such a treatment that crushing the Chinese medicines that can draw out toxin, smearing them on different body parts according to various diseases, and drawing out different toxins from blood tier with d...Read More

  • Foot Bath Therapy

    This treatment of foot bath can make original qi in kidney meridian of foot-shaoyin sufficient and flow smoothly to enter into kidney and then the original qi in kidney can be restored....Read More

  • Oral Chinese Medicine Therapy

    Oral Chinese Medicine Therapy works to detoxicate toxic pathogen in viscera....Read More

  • Moxibustion Therapy

    Moxibustion Therapy functions to adjust healthy qi and strengthen healthy qi in human body....Read More


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kidney disease
kidney disease
kidney disease
kidney disease
kidney disease
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