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Leontopodium leontopodioides

Leontopodium leontopodioidesLeontopodium leontopodioides (Willd. ) Synonyms:

Antennaria steetziana

Filago leontopodioides

Gnaphalium leontopodioides

Gnaphalium leontopodium var. sibiricum

Leontopodium alpinum f. gracile

Leontopodium alpinum var. depauperatum

Leontopodium leontopodioides var. humile

Leontopodium sibiricum

Leontopodium leontopodioides is a species in the genus Leontopodium which contains approximately 70 to 100 species and belongs to the family of the Asteraceae (Aster Family).

Leontopodium leontopodioides (Willd. ) (Old Man Grass): bitter, cold. Qingreliangxue, kidney diuresis. For acute and chronic edema, hematuria, splashing muddy.

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Kidney Disease treatments:

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Micro-Chinese Medicine Hot Compress Therapy

Top Seven TCM Therapies

Four "One" Traditional Chinese Medicine

Polluted Blood Therapy


Stem cell therapy

With the above 8 treatments, patients can get improvement and treat their kidney disease from the root.

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