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How to Reuce High Creatinine for Patients after Kidney Transplant

Reduce High Creatinine,After Kidney Transplant,Chinese MedicineHow to Reuce High Creatinine for patients after Kidney Transplant? In general cases, Kidney transplant patients will return to a normal life and can live like a normal life. However, kidneys may fail again after transplant, then the creatinine level will rise up again.

What are the causes of high creatinine after Kidney Transplant?

A variety of diseases and conditions can lead to high creatinine after kidney transplant.

After the transplant, the primary disease may return to the new kidney and impair kidney structure again. Then kidney function will rediced which can not control creatinine well.

Acute and chronic rejection may occur after kidney transplant. The immune system considers the new kidney as a foreign invader and attacks the new kidney. With this kind of condition that creatinine will higher than normal range again.

How to lower high creatinine post kidney transplant?

High creatinine post kidney transplant can be attributed to a variety of causes. However, the root cause is reduced renal function.

To lower high creatinine post kidney transplant, the patients should have a treatment to restore the impaired kidney structure and enhance renal function.

Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is the recommended treatment for people with kidney transplant. This therapy has been applied to treat kidney diseases for decades and has showed enormous therapeutic effects in clinic.

If you want to know more information about the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and want to restore kidney function by Chinese medicine, you can tell us by leaving message or sending email, we will try our best to help you help you.

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